Monday, January 28, 2019

Monarch Mania Music Box

Monarch Mania in a music box keepsake box currently it is
playing “Let It Go” From Frozen.  There are many other melodies available.

The butterfly is the Celtic Zodiac for those born between
September 30th thru October 27th.  Those born under this sign are said to be extremely social hence the phrase, “Social Butterfly”.   They are known to have a joyful personality and a cheery disposition.  They are intuitively empathetic and people are drawn to their positive aura. 

The Mandarin Chinese word for butterfly is "hu-tieh". "Tieh" means "70 years", therefore butterflies have become a symbol for a long life. If a butterfly crosses your path, it means good luck. In the Japanese culture butterflies are thought to be representative of young maidens and marital bliss. In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is "Psyche", which translated means "soul". Butterflies also symbolize: Resurrection, Transition, Celebration, Lightness, Time and Soul.

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