Friday, October 28, 2011

An Introspective

Sorry for my absence, I am not a disciplined blogger.   This is post is really a vehicle for my emotional healing, growth and an opportunity to share what I personally have learned through the challenges I have encountered recently.

There was a time in my life that I would have put on boxing gloves and come out of my corner fighting, for sure that my motives were admirable and selfless. To right a wrong – to blast the world with the truth...objective evidence of what was real and what was attempt to discover the rational for what happened.   I was always on the lookout for any issue that I perceived as an injustice whether it involved someone I knew or of course selfishly - me. 
I was always stressed out, filled with negative energy.  I am sure you can imagine you do not have to look far in this world to find injustice.  It is everywhere!   What I have learned these past few months is injustice is relative.   Of course, you have the obvious injustices out there.  They are black and white, no question about what is happening or are they?   You see what I have realized is as humans we have all different experiences in life that shape our perspectives of the events occurring in the world.    These perspectives are like feelings...not right or wrong..they just are.   Attempting to change someone’s perspective is like trying to change the life journey they are taking.   You simply cannot and should not.  
My interpretation is that we all have to take our own path, our own journey to become the person we are now and will be.  Our experiences good or bad are not as a reward or punishment, but to help us shape who we are, to understand what we need to evolve into the amazing creatures we all are.   Of course, I am speaking of legal paths.   I do not want anyone to think I am advocating illegal activities.  I simply mean our perception of what is right and wrong outside of written law is interpreted differently due to our life experiences.   Our life experiences will change the priority each us place on an event.  These different priorities and perspectives are essential in creating balance.   To ensure that no one injustice goes unnoticed.  So that you do not stand alone, feeling hopeless.  Who am I to try to change the perspective of an individual supporting another?  That may leave someone feeling alone, hopeless with no support system. It is a selfish attempt to make myself feel better at someone else’s expense.  
Therefore, without making this a novel, I share with you my introspective, my epiphany.  First, the worries in my life are insignificant.  Sadly, it is just too easy to find someone else in the world that is going through far more turbulent tribulations than I am experiencing.  Second, it is selfish of me to try to change someone’s perspective.  It is theirs and theirs alone.  Sharing your perspective is one thing, but force-feeding it to someone is not only futile, but also selfish.  It is not up to me to change someone’s journey.  Third, and this is an expansion of what I have learned before, we have a lot to learn from nature.   There is no personal judgment within nature, just respect and acceptance.  Nature has successfully learned how to accept each other without trying to change each other.  They do not wage wars, physical or with words.  They do not judge their predators or prey.    This brings stress in their life, but they seem to understand it is the natural balance of things.  It is all about the journey.  They do not create campaigns on how terrible others are.  They seem to understand that they all have a journey to take a purpose and a place in our beautiful world and simply coexist. 
I share this with you not as a sermon, or to be self-righteous, only to set a goal for myself to be more accepting and understanding.   My goal is to respect our journeys and simply coexist.  I will stumble and struggle for sure but this is going to be one of my goals in life.   I am sure I will have to return to this written goal numerous times to remind myself.

Wishing you all peace and serenity in your life,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My new Hawaii Designs

I have finally started listing some of my Hawaii Kaleidoscopes.   You can find them at my Etsy shop Melbecreations.   I have so many more pictures I want to kaleidoscope, but these are a start.

Below is my favorite.  It is a green sea turtle glinding over a coral reef.  I adore turtles and I will never forget my experience with them.  They were so docile.  One even "kissed" my cheek!  I think they were attracted to my underwater camera.  The front of it is green metallic. 

There were just amzing flowers in Hilo.  I went to the botanical gardens and just went crazy photographing all the ornate flowers.   Below are a few orchids.

I could simply could not leave Hawaii without photographing a Bird of Paradise!

Last put not least the favored flower for lei's.   I call this Mau Loa which is Hawaiin for forever.

What an amazing trip to Kona, Hawaii!  Two weeks of complete bliss!  I look forward to sharing more of my kaleidoscopes with you soon.

Until then, take care,