Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Ultimate Shopping Guide!

Tis the season for shopping.   I live in an area that has a plethora of talented artists from a wide range of disciplines.  With that in mind as well as Cyber Monday just around the corner, I would like to highlight some of my favorite Artists.   It seems that Christmas has just gotten so commercial and competitive!  Fighting the crowds for the hot gift item of the season is not only stressful but could downright be hazardous to your heath!   So I ask you why?????  Why give a gift that will be out of fashion or out of date in the next few months?   Why give a gift that can be found at any local chain store?  Why not give a gift made from an artist that is unique and something that will be cherished for a lifetime? 

Please also keep in mind as Shop Small  - Small Business Saturday approaches that many of these artists do not have store fronts…but that does not mean you cannot shop via the internet to support the cause!  I have also highlighted the local stores in Bemidji that showcase these artists and many others.
Betsey Harries of Sweetgrass Trading Company is an artist I met at Ely’s Harvest Moon Festival.  I just adore her Earth-felt people.  Each one has a personality all of it’s own and has remarkable detail.  They each have their own story and come with a certificate of authenticity.  She also creates beautiful fine art beading in dragonflies (I adore! And jewelry).

Alice Blessing captures the aura of a person via acrylic finger painting!  Her work is amazing.  I wonder if her teachers had any inclination of the talent she possessed in grade school when she finger painted an art project?

Green Janie helps save our planet by upcycling reclaimed glass.  She is an inspiration and her work in glass not only captures the beauty around us by the sun’s light as well!  I own one of her rolling pins, and I must say there is no other way to roll your dough!  I love her blog….keep up to date with fun ways to save our planet!

Photo taken by Trish Photography

A Tranquil Nook  - Frank and Jane are the most adorable couple I have met.  Frank makes stone jewelry and the most yummy gluten free treats!  Jane creates the most marvelous things from fabric and fiber.  I love Jane’s hats her detail and workmanship are incredible.  Jane transforms fabric and fiber into so many things I simply cannot list them all. 

Alice Strand sews the most adorable tiny creations with such artisanship and detail.  To say she “sews” seems like the ultimate understatement.  You will absolutely have to have one!  Below is a commission piece she did…just amazing!

Mary Therese Moran Peterson of Fern Lake Studio is a beautiful soul who designs and paints fanciful flora and fauna, figures and abstract shapes on silks and cottons. I purchased one of her beautiful silk scarves my sister. 

There are so many more artists in this area… if I were to list them all I would have a novel!  If you are taking a shopping trip to our lovely town I have listed a few places that you must visit.  You can  purchase art from our local artists.

Shop 426 Located in our Bemidji Community Arts Center -
Want to keep up to date with local art and culture?  Visit Lakeland Public T.V.’s Common Ground and view our artists in action!

Happy Shopping!

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