Friday, January 6, 2017

Freaky Friday - Psychedelic Fun!

This an Red, orange and yellow orchid. 

In the chakra color array red is the first color and represents the Root Chakra.  It is thought to be the most dense of all, hence why its color is the one representing passion, fire — and danger.   Red relates to self-awareness, representing survival, stability and grounding. The color red provides power that is accessed from the core of the earth, extending energy throughout the entire neurological system. Everything that is to be commenced needs the life vitality of red.

In the chakra color array orange is the second color and represents the Sacral Chakra.  Orange is the color of success, passions, sexuality, and creativity. An emotional stimulant, orange aligns the individual to the senses, helping with inhibitions. Tapping into one’s universal life flow magnetizes the individual boosting adaptability, independence, social prowess, creativity, and freedom.

In the chakra color array yellow is the third color and represents the Solar Plexus chakra.  Yellow relates to self worth and how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. This is the area of ego and will. Yellow offers clarity of thought, increases awareness, and stimulates curiosity.

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