Monday, October 10, 2016

Manic Monday!

Fall Dreamcatcher – Here are a few fun facts about autumn!

According to Greek legend, autumn beings when Persephone returns to Hades in the underworld. Heartbroken, her mother, the goddess of grain and harvest, allows the crops on Earth to die until her daughter returns in the spring.

According to seasonal patterns of relationships in Facebook profiles, autumn is the time when more singles change their status to “In a Relationship” or “Engaged” than the yearly average. More breakups occur during the summertime.

According to superstition, catching leaves in autumn brings good luck. Every leaf means a lucky month next year.

I fell in love with this scenery at Itasca State Park in Northern Minnesota. This is one of my first designs. I have titled this Fall Dreamcatcher because it reminds me of a dreamcatcher. Symmetry is another manifestation of the balance of Yin and Yang, of the unimpeded flow of ch'i.

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