Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My new Hawaii Designs

I have finally started listing some of my Hawaii Kaleidoscopes.   You can find them at my Etsy shop Melbecreations.   I have so many more pictures I want to kaleidoscope, but these are a start.

Below is my favorite.  It is a green sea turtle glinding over a coral reef.  I adore turtles and I will never forget my experience with them.  They were so docile.  One even "kissed" my cheek!  I think they were attracted to my underwater camera.  The front of it is green metallic. 

There were just amzing flowers in Hilo.  I went to the botanical gardens and just went crazy photographing all the ornate flowers.   Below are a few orchids.

I could simply could not leave Hawaii without photographing a Bird of Paradise!

Last put not least the favored flower for lei's.   I call this Mau Loa which is Hawaiin for forever.

What an amazing trip to Kona, Hawaii!  Two weeks of complete bliss!  I look forward to sharing more of my kaleidoscopes with you soon.

Until then, take care,

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