Wednesday, February 22, 2017

That's Amore Before and After


That’s Amore - The Heart Chakra is associated with the color
green and the bleeding heart flower. If this chakra is unbalanced you
demonstrate co-dependency and neediness. You feel deserted and unloved.

The bleeding heart flower and the color green relate to love
and the ability to give and receive unconditionally. When your heart chakra is
balanced, you offer love freely learning to nurture yourself and others. You
feel at ease and experience soothing thoughts and feelings.

The flower symbolism of the Bleeding Heart is undying love,
grace and fidelity. The essence of the bleeding heart flower is said to open up
and strengthen the heart chakra, which in turn causes a person to feel
emotionally soothed and open to the possibility of a new romance. It is thought
to be especially useful after a heartbreak. These blossoms are also frequently
used in love spells. Symmetry is another manifestation of the balance of Yin
and Yang, of the unimpeded flow of ch'i.

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