Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Story Behind The Title

I have many stories that go behind my kaleidoscopes that I thought I would start to share the story behind the kaleidoscope design.
Lavender Lust
This kaleidoscope design began as an Ode To Winter Challenge from the Dirt Road Artists, an Etsy team I am a member of.   The challenge was to create a piece that was inspired by winter.   I live in Northern Minnesota so I love winter….but when it comes to photography in winter I am not inspired.  Simply because I love to photograph things with various colors and textures.   I have seen beautiful photographs of winter, but it is just not my forte.    I wanted to participate in this challenge and thought what could I do?   It was the middle of January.   The temperatures were a chilling 20 below zero.  I bought a bouquet of flowers and filled a spray bottle up with luke warm water.  I placed the flowers on the snow a sprayed them with the water, instantly incasing them in a frosty ice.   I was surprised by the result.   The warm water and sunlight seems to intensify the color of the flowers.   The incredible lavender and purples inspired my title of this kaleidoscope Lavender Lust.   The focal point of this kaleidoscope is a Peruvian Lily.  The Peruvian Lily symbolizes friendship and devotion.

Lavender Lust in a 4x4 ceramic tile

The same day I also followed this process with a single red rose with small pine branches behind it.  After spraying the rose with the warm water, I then sprayed with colder water.  Instead of a frosted affect, it was clear ice.  The skies were clear and the sun was bright.  The sunlight captured the ice inside the rose resulting in a small star in the center.   I titled this piece Frostbitten because…well….I WAS!   Red Roses symbolize sincere Love, Respect, Courage and Passion

Frostbitten in a framed ceramic tile

Both of these designs are available in ceramic tiles, paperweights, sun catchers/ornaments, pendants, magnets, note cards and wall d├ęcor.   There are two places to purchase my items.  My Etsy Store or going to   The Kaleidoscope Photo Art site is embedded in my blog below.  You can navigate directly from this site.   Please feel free to custom order any design into any product I have available.    My Etsy store also has the before and after of each kaleidoscope design.
Wishing you all tranquility in your life,