Friday, April 1, 2011

Baskets By Rose

Baskets by Rose!

Rose is a fellow Etsy Drat from Ash Township, Michigan who was born in Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys cooking, gardening and canning. She is a proud Army Mom of three who is also married to a veteran. Rose creates beautiful hand crafted baskets.

Rose has been basket weaving in since 1993. She attended an Adult Ed class to learn her craft. She is now learning about refinishing furniture. Rose has also been sewing 47 years and quilting for 31 years. She opened her Etsy Shop, Baskets By Rose in April of 2008. She learned about Etsy from fellow artist at the Sunday Artist Market in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her items are also available for purchase in a charming shop In Millerburg, OH called The Pioneer Loft . She occasionally participates in weekend markets around her home in Ash Township.

Rose weaves love into her baskets and takes great care to ensure incredible quality so the baskets withstand the test of time. Rose adds splashes of color to her pieces that sets her apart from other artists. Reed is one of her favorite materials because you get a different result each time you dye it.

Please read my interview with Rose below:.

Q: Do you have a special story about a piece you created?

A: Last year while working on a basket my son called that he was not coming home like planned and I messed up the basket. Well a couple of days later I seen another basket in the mess and then named it for my son.

Q: What is your favorite pieces and why it is your favorite.

A: I think my sunflower basket is so bright and cheerful.

Q: Do you have a special story about someone who has bought one of your pieces?

A: When I first started selling basket a lady purchased a big fancy basket to store her dirty underwear in. Just too much information for me!

Q: Do you have a special project you are working on now?

A: I working on some custom orders and getting ready for market season to open up.

You view and purchase Rose’s work at the websites below. Don’t forget to visit her blog!


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