Monday, March 14, 2011

Fine Old Things

Spring is in the air – here in Bemidji, MN it is a balmy 43 degrees! For those of us that live in the great white north that is getting warm! Snow and ice are melting and I can smell spring in the air. I am ready to replace the bluish white with pristine green!

I have learned more about my kaleidoscope designs recently. When I cut them out in a circle and place them on a pendant, in a paperweight and sun catcher they may be categorized as a mandala! A mandala is sacred geometry and art. Although an authentic mandala is created by a monk with extensive training, but the concept is the same. When I began creating my kaleidoscope designs it came naturally for me, from my inner peaceful self. I find it interesting that I find peace and serenity in nature and then create a design that is used over many religions and disciplines as a meditation tool.

Enough about me……I want to share with you another fellow Dirt Road Artist team member I have had the pleasure meeting, Karen from Fine Old Things. Karen has a vintage Etsy shop. As the years pass I find more of my belongings are now labeled as vintage…..I chose to label myself as vintage….increasing in value as each year passes!

Karen was born in Chicago, IL and now resides in a suburb of Chicago, Itasca, IL.

She enjoys traveling, crafts, scenery photography and home decorating.

Her passion is her family including her husband, kids and grandkids. She especially adores her elderly mother that she loves dearly.

Karen is accomplished at scrapbooking and creating note cards and fridge magnets. It did not take long for her to master these skills and was taken by surprise how much she enjoyed her new hobbies.

Karen shares that she got started in her craft while searching for a hobby for her “old age”. She wanted to nurture here creative side and discovered scrapbooking.

Shopping is a true calling of Karen’s. While a member of Etsy she discovered that many of the items she owned were classified as vintage. This intrigued Karen, she is aware where to find more, resale shops and estate sales. She loves to search for “oldies but goodies” and is anxiously waiting for spring to hit the pavement in search for more treasures!

A favorite nostalgic treasure of Karen’s are china/porcelain figurines. They were popular during her childhood. Although they were a “Nick Nack” on display she was allowed to play and create imaginary worlds with them if she was very careful!

Karen has been a member of Etsy since March of 2009 when she opened her Scrapbook/note card/fridge magnet store Expressions123. She opened her vintage store Fine Old Things in January of 2011. She discovered Etsy when researching online craft stores as a new resource for selling her items. The fees for craft shows were becoming too expensive. Etsy’s size and features impressed Karen and the rest is history! Karen will occasionally participate in a an art show if the fees are extremely reasonable and are in a 20 mile radius of her home.

Here are a few of Karen’s favorite vintage figurines. She secretly hopes they don’t sell as she is quite fond of them. I think we all run into that problem with some of the items we sell!

Karen says this is a favorite because it is "simply beautiful to me with its fine detail & soft colors"

Karen states this is a favorite because, "resembles a cute little boy I know"

Karen is currently on the hunt for Limoges porcelain. She says there is nothing prettier!

You can visit Karen’s Etsy shops at the links below.

If you would like to contact Karen you can email her at:


  1. Great feature on Karen and her two stores. I knew she at the one but not the other. Love learning a little more about our team mates!

  2. Great feature on another Drat member, Mel. And I didn't know Karen had another shop either - heading over there now. :) Thanks for helping us get to know each other!

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